Need to Evaluate an Aquaculture Business?

HACI can evaluate your business to improve production, or evaluate someone else's for investment decisions.  With 3 decades of experience with Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS), HACI can help choose a location for your RAS, evaluate your farm in the design stage or when in full operation. 


Need Help With Your Production?

HACI helps farmers and future farmers with planning and analysis at all stages of production, from broodstock to hatchery, grow out (including RAS), harvest, processing, and marketing your fish.


 Need Broodstock Help?

Thinking of all female production?  There are numerous benefits for some species.  Expertise is available to develop or evaluate your broodstock program and spawning techniques.


Want to Farm Coho?

Super fast growth.  Bright silver skin.  Red flesh.  Valuable roe.  And they are resistant to ISA and sea lice.  Or are you interested in other species of salmonids?
HACI can provide expertise on how to grow them.


Time to Get Certified Organic?

HACI helps transition your farm, fish, and aquaponic plants to become certified organic under the Canadian Organic Aquaculture Standard CAN/CGSB-32.312-2018 (you don't have to be located in Canada). 


Need to Carry Out Some Research? 

We can help identify your research and development needs, design experiments, conduct projects, and help leverage your R&D dollars.


How's Your Biosecurity?

Thinking of exporting?  Get your eggs certified disease free with the CFIA compartmentalization program.  Or HACI can evaluate your biosecurity program.


Thinking About Aquaponics?

As the land-base RAS industry continues to develop, an increasing opportunity exists to implement aquaponics.  You don't have to water the plants, feed them, or pick any weeds.  HACI can help.


For your aquaculture needs . . .

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