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Henry Aquaculture Consult Inc

Henry Aquaculture Consult Inc. (HACI) is a Canadian based consulting and advisory company providing global services to clients including commercial producers, industry suppliers, investors, government, universities, NGOs, and enhancement facilities.



Aquaculture is the world's fastest growing food sector. Farmed fish production surpassed beef production globally in 2011, surpassed wild fish capture in 2014, and is gaining on pork.  Farming fish will always be much more efficient than farming terrestrial animals as fish neither have to heat their bodies, nor build bone mass to fight gravity.

There currently exists a shortage of expertise to support the development of the land based and other aquaculture sectors.


Since childhood, I have been immersed in the world of fish.  After studying and practicing aquaculture for 3 decades, I am offering consulting services to those entering the aquaculture field, or those experienced who want a fresh look or to branch into a new direction.  I also offer advice to investors, regulators and non government organizations.

Justin Henry  BSc. MEng. RPBio.


I completed my bachelor degree in Aquaculture at the University of British Columbia in Canada and then moved to Denmark for my master degree in Aquaculture Biotechnology at Aalborg University.  I went on to complete the Executive Development Program at Queens University in Canada.  I am a Registered Professional Biologist in British Columbia.


As an experienced manager, my expertise covers all stages of aquaculture including broodstock, hatchery, farms, processing, marketing, and sales.  My experience includes culturing multiple species, including salmonids and sturgeon, in multiple systems including land based recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS), aquaponics, re-use, flow through, and net pen production in North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.  I have been working with RAS since 1995.  My R&D expertise includes the development of monosex female populations in salmonids, feed management trials, vaccine trials, production optimization, and new product development.  I have numerous publications on a broad range of aquaculture subjects.


Throughout my career I have been fortunate to have received recognition for my achievements in the aquaculture industry.  In addition to numerous product awards, I received the 2016 Industry Development Leadership Award by the Canadian Association of Food Service Professionals (CAFP).  For my involvement in developing the Canadian Organic Aquaculture Standard and bringing the first Canadian organic fish to market, in 2017 the Canadian Organic Trade Association (COTA) presented me with the Organic Champion award.

Public Speaking

I have been an invited and keynote speaker for numerous workshops and conferences including: World Organization for Animal Health (Vietnam), Aquaculture Canada, AquaNor (Norway), National Research Council of Canada, Canadian General Standards Board, SeaWeb Summit (USA), World Sturgeon Symposium, Canadian Association of Food Service Professionals, and Aquaculture Innovation Workshops (USA).


 Local: a director of the Sunshine Coast Salmonid Enhancement Society for more than a decade.  As President, I negotiated and signed a joint salmon enhancement agreement with the Sechelt Indian Band in 2006, the first of its kind in Canada.

Local: currently a Faculty Advisory Board member for the University of British Columbia's Faculty of Land and Food Systems.

National: chair of the Canadian General Standards Board technical committee for the Canadian Organic Aquaculture Standard.

International: a member of the OIE (World Organization for Animal Health) Ad Hoc group on aquatic animal biosecurity for aquaculture establishments.  


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Organic Champion Award

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Public Speaking

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