International Advisory and Consulting Services

Presently, the growth of land based aquaculture is being hampered by a lack of expertise.  Henry Aquaculture Consult Inc. (HACI) is a Canadian based consulting and advisory company which provides a variety of services to customers around the globe.  These services are provided for all types of aquaculture systems including: recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS), net pens, flow through tanks, and aquaponics.  With HACI's broad network of expert contacts in all areas of aquaculture, additional expertise can be brought in for any project when required.

Farm / Business Evaluation and Report

Evaluate your farm for improved performance

Evaluate someone else's farm for investment decision making

Receive a detailed report to help you move forward

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coho salmon broodstock

Aquaculture Production

Plan and analyze your production

Troubleshoot and evaluate your RAS

Develop monosex production techniques

Improve your spawning programs

Review your feed management

Organic Transition

Transition your farm to produce certified organic fish as well as plants in aquaponics

Develop Organic Plans

Carry out an organic audit

Prepare for organic certification

blood sampling

Research & Development

Identify opportunities to carry out relevant research projects and implement the results

Identification of R&D needs

Design and conduct research projects

Applications for R&D funding

Help make a SR&ED claim (in Canada)


Develop or review Fish Health Management Plans

Evaluate farm biosecurity

Implement CFIA Compartmentalization (in Canada) to get disease-free certification at your farm

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Education / Workshops

Implement lectures or educational programs

Run a workshop

Speak at your event

Note that University of British Columbia offers a Graduate Certificate in Aquaculture running from September - December

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