Species to Grow

What Species to Grow?

Most salmon production in the world is Atlantic salmon.  These can be grown in both net pens and in RAS.  There is a large and growing demand for this species.  Disease free eggs are available year round.

Instead of Atlantic salmon, you may want something that grows faster and is resistant to ISA and sea lice.  If so, you should try coho salmon.  If you are growing rainbow trout, coho is a good way to diversify into a niche market. Coho excel in RAS.  Like coho, chinook salmon is another species of Pacific salmon.  Chinook grow well in net pens. 

If you have patience and warmer water, perhaps you want to grow sturgeon for meat and caviar.

For all of these species, HACI can help you with all of your production planning, from sourcing eggs, feed, biosecurity, grow out, processing, right through to the market.  You may even want to develop your own broodstock program.



Monosex Female

The only way to go

Significant advantages to farmers include larger smolt size potential, twice as much roe for salmon caviar production resulting in increased revenue, and no precocious maturation of males allowing for production in RAS and resulting in decreased costs.


Certified Disease Free

To protect your farm

Certified disease free eggs are safe to bring to your farm.  The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) carries out disease screening and auditing in Canada to certify eggs as disease free for global shipping. 


Year Round Availability

For early and multiple inputs

Controlled broodstock systems allow for egg production in all seasons, offering farmers multiple inputs throughout the year.  This also offers the advantage of earlier eggs, allowing for a larger smolt resulting in earlier harvests or larger fish at harvest.

Want to try a new species?

If you want to find out more about growing any species of salmon or sturgeon, or developing your own broodstock program, email HACI.